Healthcare for the Dead Necessary


by CB Forgotston

BamboozeledAssociated Press reporter Melinda Deslatte, today, reports that last year the Jindal Administration spent $1.9 Million of our tax dollars for Medicaid for 1,727 dead folks. (Story here.)

All Saints Day was just on Friday and already we have forgotten the tradition of honoring the dead in Louisiana.

Louisiana has a long tradition of allowing the dead to vote in elections. Obviously, if one can vote one needs healthcare.

Spending $1.9 Million to provide healthcare to the dead is nothing compared to the millions of dollars Bobby spends each year to buy lege votes via Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGOs”).TImeIsRunningOut

Taking care of the health of our dead is a much better than spending the money on the Purple Circle Social Club. At least we can find the find the dead.


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