Problem Not “R” or “D” – It’s “I” for Incumbent


Lost Cause IncumbentsTotally lacking introspection and unable to appreciate constructive criticism, incumbents deeply misjudged the immense public mistrust in the most recent round of voting. It was arrogance and intransigence shown by elected officials and their office infrastructure that infuriated those who could bear to go to the polls and vote.

Calls to Throw out the bums” would be very shallow modification of the system if the political infrastructure continues to flourish. The short version is that we recognize the need for major changes to the status quo, but the public is frozen with fear and currently sees no catalyst for change on the horizon.

angry-teacherRot within the system so permeates Washington,
Baton Rouge, Shreveport and most political processes that the framework of the two-party system continues to hold on by sheer momentum and power and fear from office holders. Outsiders have thus far proven inept as agents of change, other than proving they can defeat some items on the agenda. Neither the “Yes We Can” nor the “We Believe in America” seem relevant at bridging the divide between seemingly intransigent forces.

Neither the “R” nor the “D” seem to get the fact that citizen are not enamored with either of their philosophies. Citizens seem to say “America needs a vision and Real changes NOW!”

Those in the middle see polarized extremes and feel either economically or politically disenfranchised. It’s either joblessness or job insecurity. And, the great economic collapse continues to be a factor, no matter the profits on Wall Street or of the top 5% of “rich millionaires.”

I have mine. And you?
I have mine. And you?

People are hurting because ideals they were taught from family, church, school and the media have become a mirage, floating on the horizon. The traditional middle class has been shaken at the core as homes no longer seem the safe refuge investment, if they still own their own home. Savings have been reduced, if they exist as more than just paper or digital images. The concept of “The American Life” moved off shore.

Educational institutions, once the base of communities, no longer provide a guaranteed learning environment with job security for those who succeed either as educators or pupils. Churches have become more fluid, as charismatic leaders have become the symbol of the church rather than the denominations traditionally considered hierarchically significant.

They need to go!

Whatever the case, Americans have not proven that their scientific creativity translates into political system solutions. SO, for now the American call should be: Throw out the bums!”

from the Forward-Now Editorial Board