Failure and Rising to the Challenge

Caddo Teachers today...
Caddo Teachers today…

A former parish educator told me, “My evil inclination does not give me any rest. I am so opposed to the current state of affair, but I have no desire to help them fix what they have brought on themselves.”

That is really for your own good,” another former educator chimed in. “That’s because it will now become your legacy if you allow the system to continue to fail.”

Another chimed in, “The purpose of life is to overcome your selfish impulses, because we are frequently in a state of conflict. Only controlling our most negative impulses can we elevate ourselves and those around us. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the merit of our actions.” And so the discussion died.

Panic concept.
The state of Midway Leadership

Campuses, administrators, teachers, students and parents alike cannot be held hostage by alumni, politicians or unions in a manner that paralyzes Caddo today. The “Midway Mentality,” along with the status quo has allowed participants to perpetuate system failures evidenced in internal audits and all manner of reports that have surfaced for years. Until this cycle is broken, either dramatically from inside or forced by outside powers, system failures will outnumber successes.

Pogo_posterNo Superintendent search committee or knight in shinning armor will ride forward to save us from ourselves. As Pogo stated long ago in a newspaper cartoon, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

At some point a leader will step forward, recognizing that successes that come from tough decisions will create a martyr for this leadership. But in calling out the evident truths, the system may potentially right itself. The sooner we recognize the real state of failure, the better our odds for finding a path toward a successful solution. Thanks on this article in The Times, and specifically Mary Nash Wood, for accurately reporting the failure in the current process. This process is truly another failure none of our the school board leaders were currently willing to publicly acknowledge.System Reset Time