Shreveport Attorney John Settle
by John Settle

Although the election in Senate District 36 is more then a year away, the battle for voters in Senate District 36 has already begun between State Representatives Henry Burns and Jeff Thompson. This will be a “take no prisoners race”, and even by Bossier standards it promises to be an ugly, no holds barred, election.

Term Limited Robert Adley
Term Limited Robert Adley

Senator Robert Adley is termed out, and thus can not seek re-election. Adley is one of these elected officials that is either loved or despised, and it is doubtful he will endorse any candidate seeking his office.

District 36 is primary a rural parish. It encompasses all of Bieniville and Webster parishes and part of Bossier, Claiborne, and Red River parishes.

The political posturing between Burns and Thompson, both public and private, is in high gear. Former State Representative Billy “Coach” Montgomery is considering the race, but it is doubtful he will run. Richey Jackson, who ran unsuccessfully against Burns in 2007, may also be a candidate.

Lot's of Suits
Lot’s of Suits

Assuming that both Thompson and Burns qualify for the District 36 race, their respective House seats (District 9 for Burns and District 8 for Thompson) will be open since the House and Senate terms both end in 2014. Both Burns and Thompson have been effective for their constituents during their service, — Burns since 2007 and Thompson since 2011. Many Bossier politicos are unhappy over the prospects of losing both of them in the House, –as well as the dilemma of deciding which candidate to support.

The water cooler talk about the House races has been, to date, very quiet. Duke Lowry lost a hotly contested race against Thompson in 2011, and he is said to be considering a second try for this seat. Another rumor is that he may move to Benton and run for Burn’s seat.Bossier Water Cooler Gossip

Another name in the mix is Mike Johnson, a ultra right wing Christian attorney. Johnson recently moved to Bossier City and joined First Baptist Bossier Church. Johnson was to have been the dean of the ill-fated Louisiana College Law School in downtown Shreveport.

There is little doubt that Richey Jackson will be a candidate in 2014, –the only question being in which race. Jackson gave Burns all he wanted in the 2007 special election, and seemingly he would still have strong connections in the House District 9. The Senate seat will probably be a stretch for Jackson, if he goes up against Burns and/or Thompson.

Chairs of Justice
Who is running for what???

What role Bossier-Webster District Attorney Schuyler Marvin will take in the Senate and House races is, at this date, unknown. Marvin has been active in the political arena since his election and 2014 should be no different, assuming he is not challenged for re-election. What is known at this junction is that the Senate race could be net loss for Bossier if both Thompson and Burns square off.