Hot Seat for NGO and Senator Over Money Troubles

Bad dog!
This dog seeks State $$$!

CB Forgotston continue to get questions raised in the media concerning NGO money appropriated by the State and unaccounted in legal records. In his “Non-Compliant NGO” (Non-Governmental Organization) series, where he follows up on State Treasurer John Kennedy’s reports, Forgotston raised issues of the Colomb Foundation, closely tied to the family of State Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb, and the senator and foundation have remained close-lipped to all inquiries.

State Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb
Troubled Senator Dorsey-Colomb

But Baton Rouge TV 2, tracked down the senator to demand answers. State Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb wouldn’t answer questions about two nonprofits she’s tied to after attending a state bond commission meeting Thursday.

Following the meeting, Dorsey-Colomb darted out of a side room flanked by state capitol staff and entered into a private elevator without responding to News 2’s request for an interview.

It's just not working
It’s just not working

Serenity 67 and The Colomb Foundation, both tied to the senator, are two of 34 nonprofits that were targeted by the Department of the Treasury for failing to quarterly document how state tax dollars were spent. The Colomb Foundation, a Lafayette-based organization run by the senator’s husband Sterling Colomb, received $300,000 in 2007, and Serenity 67, run by Dorsey-Colomb’s legislative assistant, received $150,000 that same year. Then-District 67 Representative Dorsey-Colomb sat on the state budget committee at that time.

Both organizations had until Sept. 4 to provide documentation outlining how the money was spent. The Colomb Foundation handed over a box full of documents and receipts. Treasury is reviewing it to determine if the money was spent accordingly, and State Treasurer John Kennedy asked the legislative auditor to confirm their finances.

John Kennedy Get 'em!!
John Kennedy
Get ’em!!

Serenity 67 turned over nothing. Kennedy wants the newly-created Office of Debt Recovery to sue nonprofits that cannot account for their expenditures.