Notable Quotables (in their own words)


by Tom Aswell

“That’s not a comment by the Supreme Court one way or another concerning who’s right or wrong on the lawsuit. That’s simply the court saying we’re not going to hear the case now.”

32 wins,  256 losses
32 wins, 256 losses

—Attorney Jimmy Faircloth, who is beginning to challenge boxer Peter Buckley’s stellar record of 32 wins against 256 losses, commenting on the Louisiana Supreme Court’s denial of state writs which upholds lower court orders that the LSU Board of Stuporvisors must relinquish the list of semifinalists and finalists for the LSU presidency.

“The Supreme Court said ‘Writ denied. Stay denied.’ As a result, records will have to be produced. As long as the board doesn’t produce those records, it is in contempt.”application-denied

—Attorney Lori Mince, who represented the Baton Rouge Advocate and the New Orleans Times-Picayune in the litigation to force the release of the records.