Becoming the Disabler!


   Mouse holeThe hole in the wall is the culprit, because without a breach in the wall, the mouse would not be able to steal the food. Allowing a hole in the wall is enabling the mouse.

Today, one small hole in the wall may have been temporarily blocked when Judge Leon Emanuel refined the leash of Shreveport mayor Cedric Glover in perfecting his initial ruling for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to define that the mayor‘srequirements to adhere more closely to his job as prescribed by the city charter. Glover has repeatedly refused to follow the city council’s lead as the legislative arm of government passed and then overrode the mayor’s veto that required Glover to sign and execute plans accepting and constructing the Hamel’s dog park along Clyde Fant Parkway.mousehole watch

Emanuel followed the direction set when Glover’s attorneys appealed Emanuel’s original judgement in favor of the SDPA (Alliance) headed by director Cynthia Keith. Today’s actions appear to specifically define the original ruling by Emanuel and nail the actions of attorneys to allow for the appeals court to make a ruling in the next court published document on the

In the treatment of alcoholism, there is a concept called “enabling.” “Enablers” are the people who essentially make it possible for the alcoholic to continue drinking. By analogy, although oxygen does not cause a fire, it is impossible for fire to burn in its absence, so one extinguishes a blaze by dousing it with water or smothering it, to prevent oxygen from reaching it. Similarly, an alcoholic could not continue to drink very long in the absence of enablers. It is sometimes more difficult to convince people to stop their enabling than the alcoholic to stop drinking.

We claim that we are intolerant of crime and injustice, but the fact is that these exist only because we do tolerate them. We enable crime or injustice when we do not act to disable a condition we have the ability to cause to cease.

For example, many arguments are given for protecting the rights of those who violate the law, but the price we pay for this is that we allow these violations to continue.Working on hole

In our society, community, or family, we find many forms of enablers. Sometimes those who are most vehement in their condemnation are actually the enablers. We should do careful soul-searching to see whether we may not actually be enabling behaviors which may be the cause of the very things we condemn.

Continuing to allow an elected official to engage in practices that we condemn is simply enabling that official. This is our simple explanation for the repeated condemnation of policies or behaviors we find unacceptable. If we fail to bring attention to these, we are just like the enabler who allows the alcoholic to drink, drive and perhaps kill. A that point we may call it murder, and we may share in the guilt.

Mayor Glover has proven to be the alcoholic in the case of the dog park saga. Now all enablers should understand that this behavior should be treated for what it is, a repeated pattern of uncontrolled legal shenanigans that require sanction and penalties. And, today should be seen as a step, if only a small one, toward such sanction. However slight the sanction may seem to some, there must be sanction. The exact penalties may remain unknown at this time, but citizens should realize that allowing elected officials to go unchecked with this behavior put all at risk.

So, we will continue to demand that some things change, even when the the rest of the world, or as George Carlin said “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large crowds.”Caught rats

And the question then becomes what do we truly believe must occur? It’s really quite simple. Make it a point to try to stop “enabling” those things that you know to be wrong. We must become the “Disabler!”