Why The Law is THE Law

The law means what it says...
The law means what it says…

The question most Shreveport citizens have about the dog park squabble with the mayor is “Why is this an issue at all?” The answer is as simple as “Many problems with public officials and trouble the public has been forced to endure is because the requirements of the laws, as written, have not been followed.” In short, public officials and too many private citizens have been allowed to interpret the law to fit their needs. [COURT FILING!]

The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance has determined that the laws, with regard to Shreveport City Council, State Law and the interpretations given by the State Court need to be adhered to by the duly elected mayor of the city. And, along with the assistance of attorneys who understand the requirements of the law, all necessary steps are being followed to require Cedric Bradford Glover, duly elected twice as mayor of Shreveport, to carry out his sworn duties.Glover-Court-No News

The mayor should swing for this
Attorneys: “The mayor should swing”

The problem today is Glover and his attorneys are doing everything legally they are permitted to abrogate his responsibilities to the citizens of Shreveport. In refusing to follow the requirements of the Shreveport City Council in signing to accept Red River Waterways Commission funds and complete the Charles and Marie Hamel Dog Park Glover has cost citizens in excess of $30,000 in legal fees and potentially more than $100,000 in other expenses and court costs if the case continues in the current path.

Dan Keele, attorney for the SDPA filed documents in court to require Glover to appear in court, under oath, and explain how he explains in his court pleadings he “has complied” with the requirements of the court with respect to the Mandamus Order.


The issues seem very clear to citizens who want to make government more accountable and reduce the waste or the cost of government. Mayor Glover seems to believe that he can ignore court orders and pay no penalty, whereas the SPDA believe there should be consequences for elected officials, just as there are for private citizens who refuse to abide by decisions of the court. [COURT FILING!]