New Congressional contest announcement


by CB Forgotston

Rep. Alexander
Rep. Alexander

Since Cong. Rodney Alexander announced the deal with Bobby Jindal and Neil Riser to fix the election for Riser to replace him in Congress, I’ve been trying to get Alexander’s email address.

I’ve asked each member of his staff for his address -twice. They don’t even have the decency to respond. I’ve asked other Congressman and other Congressional staffers and they don’t have it.

The lack of availability of Alexander’s email address, coupled with his staff’s refusal to respond makes me wonder what Alexander has to hide.

The email address is furnished to Alexander by the U.S. Taxpayers.   It should not be a secret.


Therefore, I conducting a contest to see to get Alexander’s REAL email address; not the generic one that has been suggested to me. I know some parts of Alexander’s address, but not the complete address.

The first person to send me Alexander’s email address will be awarded 5,000 points. Points are redeemable at any business that accepts points for goods and services.

Member of Alexander’s staff are included in this announcement and are eligible for the prize.

Let the contest begin!

C.B. email

5,000 Points...