Leges’ “Disdain” for Forgotson


by CB Forgotston

Jim Beam’s opinion is more important than leges’!

Jim Beam, Lake Charles Americam Press
Jim Beam, Lake Charles American Press

Jim Beam, former editor of the Lake Charles American Press confirmed something that I’ve long known. The leges have nothing, but disdain for me. (See column here.)

That’s neither a shock nor a disappointment to me. It’s the truth.

When I first began posting lege voting records on-line in 2000, my then-state senator who I had played a very public part in getting elected against the most powerful political machine at the time in New Orleans told me exactly what leges thought of me.

She called me to meet with her at a coffee shop in LakeView one afternoon. She told me that the entire lege was angry at me for posting their voting records (Public Records) on my new website.

Since she was a lege, I asked if that included her. She said that she wasn’t too happy with me. When I asked about others who were angry or unhappy with me. She said she didn’t know.

My response was that there were 4.5 million people in Louisiana and if only 144 were unhappy with me, I felt pretty good.

Having nothing to lose, I’ve trudged forward since.

A few kind words from Jim Bean, whom I respect and admire, more than makes up for the disdain of the leges.

Thank you, Mr. Beam.


Bob Forward: “Thank you CB!”