Sen. Dorsey-Colomb’s lege aide identified

Investigate to find the bug...
find the bug…

by CB Forgotston


Thanks to the quick response of folks from around the state, I now know who is Mr. Patrick “Pat” Wallace. He’s the fellow who threatened to sue me for writing about The Colomb Foundation NGO.

Wallace wrote that he is the lege aide to Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb whose husband is the registered agent for The Colomb Foundation in Lafayette. Coincidentally, the foundation has received hundreds of thousands of dollars since Sen. Dorsey-Colomb has been in the lege.

Signage is everything!
Signage is everything!

(KATC Story on problems)


According to the State Senate, Wallace is not on the Senate payroll. Apparently, he is otherwise paid by Sen. Dorsey-Colomb.

Wallace’s other jobs and businesses are: Owner and Strategist at Mentalware, Political Voice Actor, Fiction & non-fiction author, WGAE scriptwriter at Author.

Wallace’s company Mentalware owns the domain: In 2009 he was the campaign manager for Sen. Dorsey-Colomb’s election.

Wallace has an address listed at 6245 Esplanade Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70806-6144; Phone: (225) 928-9798; Email address:

Tinfoil hat

He's not a 'Pro'
He’s not a ‘Pro’

Wallace seems to be an amateur lawyer.  He’s not a member of the Louisiana Bar, but he likes to cite the law and jurisprudence in his threats.

Apparently, Wallace also has some background in psychiatry and is clairvoyant. Though I have never met Mr. Wallace and had never heard of him until he threatened me, he has referred to me, in writing, as “an unstable man.” Perhaps his company Mentalware does research on the mentally-ill.

Time to put on my tin-foil hat so that Wallace can’t read my mind any longer.

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