Declassified N.S.A. Documents Available


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The Obama administration released three documents related to the National Security Agency’s collection of phone records, including briefings to Congress as the relevant provision of the Patriot Act was up for renewal, and a ruling from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that outlines rules that must be followed when accessing data provided by a Verizon subsidiary.magnifying-glass-looking (On the New York Times Website)

These three documents have been processed through OCR and are available here to provide text access for selection and reuse. It is our belief that the public has a poor understanding of the following facts:

  1. All email, social media with associated communication, cell phone calls, land-line calls and related records may be subject to scrutiny by government filtered software.
  2. All above digital communication is NOT being systematically archived by the government.
  3. Only select data related to header, embedded key words or phrases or a unique select query will trigger a US citizen for more in depth scrutiny than any other US citizen.
  4. Foreigners, as well as US citizens, who have select criteria which make them subject to additional scrutiny may be subject to intense evaluation of digital communications to and from them, their contacts as well as transaction parties related to them as meet criteria a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court will determine warrants additional scrutiny.
But your honor...
But your honor…

We feel it imperative that citizens should have a better understanding of this information.