Understanding Forward Community Identity


KITTY-see-yourself-in-mirrorCorporate challenges for identity, along with a product or service has become magnified by the challenge to harness social media technology. Social media, as this blog, has become mercurial, to the extent that media staff also have an ebb and flow with technology. Philosophical dollars gambled on hot properties of the web determine success or failure. Ten companies in an article we have chosen illustrate gambled billions on what many consider “vaporware.” Communities and their leaders succeed or fail in similar ways.

Viewing web startups and the billion-dollar wagers Microsoft, Google, FaceBook, Yahoo and countless others risked in the past and continue today on “flash-in-the-pan” brain droppings demonstrate the high-risk of obtaining a winning hand. Often it’s not the idea that proves to be the winner, rather it is appropriate implementation of the technology that makes the difference in a questionably successful “ShreveportHelpWanted.com” versus the multi-billion dollar “Pets.com” sock puppet failure of the internet bubble.PetsDotCom

In this article, examples of profitable strategies for implementing technology prove the value solid management have over high-risk failures. This article in Ad Age illustrates principles we chose as a way to expand the discussion of our identity as a community.

General Electric, a massive technology company, has made major inroads in transforming the identity of the company. Recently they announced new fracture technology research in the high-stakes oil and gas exploration game, and the they make a multi-billion dollar investment in a many-year gamble. GE uses Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram to expand their identity. They are no longer the company we knew as recently as 2000.

Pepsi, always edgy in marketing, has new management at the helm who are continuing many of the TV-link social media strategies of the past, but they are expanding new brand social lines with Pepsi Sound Off and Pepsi Pulse, to drive young tech-savvy followers.

Burberry, out to drive edgy fashionistas with visuals, noting that too many like pictures and just will not read, are always fresh on Instagram and Pinterest. Pepsi will use custom Instagram videos that draw content hungry younger crowds as well as tech-savvy viewers. The other seven are addressed in the article, and staying on the edge with technology such as Birchbox. This article is maintains the theme of marketing to the young and technology hungry.wolf_sheep

We hope local techies appreciate this slant and local readers will find ways to see that our writers appreciate research as well as offerings that require more than a regurgitation of press releases. Too much offered in this market is geared to addicting those who will not think. Too much is based on reinforcing the same line that has droppings of truth and gallons of poison.

As a community, our identity – all our identities rely on adapting facts to our lives. Seeing the outside world, internalizing technologies and rebranding ourselves with integrity requires identity evaluation, deep commitment to today and tomorrow’s values and a willingness to change.

Corporate identities that have long-term value are no different from a family or community identity where they must undergo a long hard reflection in the mirror. We feel like our age often serves us well. Reflection based upon experience teaches us that change is possible. Failure to learn from history only teaches more failure.

"Idealistic" Forward
“Idealistic” Forward

We believe “Forward” a valid identity. Moving “Forward” is a statement that we must change direction. Our hope is others will believe there is reason for adopting this philosophy. We welcome change and leadership in a “Forward” direction. We believe a correction is necessary as passing again on tainted ground has proven a failure. Demand Forward!