Mayor Glover’s Parallel Universe

Someone else must see this!

Today’s Shreveport Times article forced me to recheck my pulse. Glover’s proclamation, “every effort to comply with the provisions” seemed a stretch, even for the Times. However, I bit, and read on. Then I had to check the calendar. Had I become Rip van Winkle and slept through 2012 and the first half of 2013? The diametrically opposed facts stated in this article, relating to the mayor’s claims about his “efforts” and the facts that seem to be in the record made me pause again.

Dealing in data it is often difficult to read fiction seriously. So I brought out my recently constructed list of dates and court documents. Nope, the mayor truly is living in a parallel universe. Not a single item prior to the ruling indicated the mayor was “making an effort.” As a matter of fact, every effort he made was to oppose, obfuscate facts, deter reconciliation and block efforts of all parties to build constructive discussions.

All we have seen lately is efforts of the mayor to change the conversation and “here, let me buy you a sandwich.” Sorry mayor, but the public is tired of paying your bills and we can only hope the courts feel the same way about your failure to honestly comply with your duties to citizens of the city of Shreveport.