C.B.’s Message to leges


LA State Constitutionby CB Forgostston

In his column today, Jim Beam reports that Louisiana is number one among the states in cutting funding for Higher Education. ( See column here)

Not to worry, House Speaker Chuck Kleckley has the solution to funding Higher Education. He wants to shift more of the costs to the students.

Circumventing constitution

According to LaPolitics (John Maginnis and Jeremy Alford) Kleckley has found a way for the leges to increase tuition without the constitutionally-required 2/3’s vote.

louisiana-monkeysThis is not the first time that Kleckley has schemed to circumvent the constitution by declaring a majority vote was needed rather than a 2/3s vote.  The LA Supreme Court recently told Kleckley that he was wrong in declaring unconstitutional the only piece of Bobby Jindal’s “pension reform” package that made it through the lege during the 2012 Regular Session.

Kleckley is, obviously, counting on the fact that the college students lack the resources (thanks to tuition costs) to challenge his scheme in court.  He’s probably right.

Message to leges

Members of the Lege:

What we say and meanWe mean what we say in the state constitution; stop trying to create loopholes in it. If you don’t like the restrictions that we have placed on you, submit a change in the form of an amendment for our vote.

Please don’t tell me again that we the people don’t know what’s best for us.  You aren’t our parents, you are public servants.