New LSU prez calls for higher tuition

by CB Forgotston
Unhappy Future Tiger
Unhappy Future Tiger

Today, new LSU President/Chancellor King Alexander didn’t actually call for “higher” tuition; he called for “balanced” tuition. ( See story here.)

It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to know that “balanced tuition” is a euphemism for increasing the tuition/tax on the students at LSU.

Unintended consequence

Students bear cost of educationSince most of the undergraduates at LSU have earned TOPS scholarships an increase in tuition will mean more state tax dollars have to be taken from other state programs to fund TOPS.

However, as more state dollars flow to TOPs, more leges are calling for tightening the restrictions on TOPS, i.e., means testing.

TOPS was never intended to be means-tested; only academically-tested. The results of mean-testing will be that children of middleclass families won’t qualify. Thus, a majority of those families who pay for the scholarships children will not be able to benefit from them.

Also, higher tuition will mean that future students, being ineligible to earn a TOPS scholarship because their parents are middleclass, will have to pay even more in tuition to attend LSU undergraduate school.

For those attending LSU’s medical, dental, law, veterinary and graduate schools, get ready to dig deeper into your wallets to pay higher tuition.  They should consider getting a scholarship that is not means-tested from a member of the LSU Board of Supervisors. ( Details here.)

No surprise

Chancellor King Alexander
Chancellor King Alexander

I wish I could say I was surprised about Alexander’s first policy statement since being hired by Bobby Jindal, but I’m not. If he had not been willing to go along with Jindal’s financial gutting of higher education, he would not have gotten the job.

Perhaps others would not have been surprised either if the process for choosing Alexander had not been in secret.

Good luck LSU students; you’re going to need it.


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