How Can the Bar Be Set So Low?

by Yocamet Shu
Big Cockroaches
Trying to jump the bar…

As Elliott Stonecipher like to say, “It’s so the cockroaches can jump over it!” Shreveport and now let’s include Caddo Parish, seem to be discovering new way to lower the bar for our expectations of public officials. And today we have some of the most glowing examples as news is locally released the following:

  1. Mayor Glover tells City Council they are not invited to meeting regarding Consent Decree for violations of the city in Clean Water Act.
  2. Mayor Glover appeals Dog Parks on grounds “it takes away executive discretion.”
  3. The city is set to discuss $350 million in mandatory repairs to the water and sewer system.

(In case you clicked the links – they are all the same, because the Shreveport Time (No Link Needed) placed all these under the title of “Dog Park Story!)

racerlogotypeSo now here is the real Fireball. The RACER Trust has the Caddo Parish (Shreveport) GM Plant listed for sale on it’s site for $7.5 Million. Yet Caddo is discussing approval of a payment of $10 Million to make the purchase. When asked, the answer, in between the lines, is that the extra $2.5 Million is needed to “Clean things up” so that Paul Elio can come to Shreveport from Phoenix with a clean set of books. This also fails to mention that (and this is only through the proverbial “grape vine”): Payments need to be made to “facilitate the move of the plant to Stuart Lichter so that it will be ready to house new manufacturing facilities.”

Stuart Lichter has a positive track record for taking failed manufacturing facilities and making them community contributing assets. The problem is when you are taking Caddo Parish money to invest in a private venture, ALL the parties need to be vetted properly and the disclosure of Paul Elio’s unfortunate personal problems should have been disclosed before the 11th hour.*

So, Shreveport, and now Caddo Parish, it’s time to raise the bar. It’s time to release all facts to the public before any more trial balloons are floated. We don’t want to invite an army of cockroaches to our community. We have enough already!

We don't need any more
We don’t need any more

*Phoenix, Arizona case Cv2010-016322, filed Dec 28, 2012, judgment $829,433.29 in favor of Arizona Bank & Trust, attorney: Engelman Berger (602-271-9090)