A kind offer to the LSU BOS


By C.B. Forgotston

20130719-195923.jpgAn appellate court just rejected an appeal by the LSU Board of Supervisors (“LSU BOS”) to keep secret the names of those who recently applied to be the President/Chancellor of LSU. See story here.

This is the second time that a court has informed the LSU BOS that the names of the applicants are a Public Record. Yet, LSU continues to waste money on appeals by hiring outside counsel rather than allowing the Attorney General to lose the case.

Bobby Jindal crony, Jimmy Faircloth, is the attorney representing the LSU BOS. He is currently Ofer2 on lawsuits filed against the board on this matter.

It’s hard to recall a case filed against a state agency that was won by Faircloth. It’s hard to say whether Faircloth is simply a poor lawyer or that the cases he gets from Bobby are unwinnable.

But, I digress.

By copy of this note to each member of the LSU BOS: If you insist on appealing this matter to the state supreme court; insist on outside counsel then, without knowing Faircloth’s fee, I’ll agree to lose the appeal cheaper.

At a time when my Alma Mater is struggling financially, I don’t see how the BOS can refuse my generous offer.

If the BOS agrees to my offer, in keeping with their past practices, I’ll just send then a contract with the compensation left blank. I will fill in the numbers after it is signed.


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