Shreveport City Marshal Again Under Scrutiny


  Marshal Charlie CaldwellBefore Tuesday, July 16, is over, a record of conduct of Shreveport City Marshal Charlie Caldwell and some of his deputies will be publicized that we believe warrant serious consideration for prosecution in both State and Federal jurisdictions. The posting is an attempt to gather public awareness of the story we expect will break on KTBS by reporter Gerry May on either the 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm news. (Previous KTBS News)

We know that many documents have been offered previously to prosecutors. However, these did not reveal activities that “rose to the level authorities felt warranted prosecution.” After the most current activities are revealed, all documents noted should again be available by records request and sources of many statements will be recorded by local news media and available upon request. The public should be sufficiently aware of the issues that questions of what the record is and what the laws are should be explained by our law enforcement representatives.

This should be more than an issue of jurisdiction; it should a matter of demanding accountability.

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