Errant Shepherd, Mayor Glover

20130707-120100.jpgby Bob Forward

A shepherd in church hierarchy or in layman’s governance may always be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Frank Bruni clearly addresses the Roman Catholic leadership’s decades of sexual abuse, coverup and betrayal of the community they were charged to spiritually guide. His depiction of the “wretched trove” of sins and “sweeping, searing encyclopedia of crime and insufficient punishment” yields perspective of the depths of evil that exist among us.

Sins among mortals should never surprise us. It’s the subsequent grotesque cover ups and complicit web entangling accomplices through pay-offs, contractual deniabilities and entrapments that sicken us to our core.

public corruption is a pernicious ill!
public corruption is a pernicious ill!

Evil, by its very nature, dazzles us, sweetens our experiences and drives us to ecstasies before crashing us brutally on the public doorstep. We have seen some of the worst that religion could deal to our wavering spirit.

Why surprise when government officials emulate similar traits? Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards was alleged to have said, the only way he wouldn’t be supported in his state would be “if they caught me in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.” Could these depths of depravity be exceeded?

Shreveport, and the northwest corner of Louisiana, seems to have found their own little Sodom and Gomorrah of governmental improprieties. The collection of sins attributed to Mayor Cedric Glover, not to be completely outdone by others that probably deserve mentioning, seem to be growing in number as his second term speeds toward “blessed” completion.Glover a Balance

The next mayoral election cycle cannot come quickly enough for concerned citizens, and the hope for the future may be that these issues will be properly addressed and citizens will taste some measure of justice. An list of accusations follows the mayor in litigation and in the press and would be easy to accumulate, but this in no way can be seen as complete list of transgressions.

The most prominent current issues Glover is addressing include the controversy denying completion of Shreveport’s loop, state highway 3132, and the various Shreveport Dog Park matters related to the Red River Waterway Commission grant of $280,000 to the city. The latter is actually a dedicated return of money to Shreveport, designated to complete a design established and approved by the mayor.

Shreveporter’s should expect some measure of justice and an accounting for the public trust that has been grossly