The Real Meaning of “To Serve and Protect”


Law enforcement senior officers live in fear that “Dirty Little Secrets,” well hidden and protected through bribery, blackmail, secret payments, back room deals and political corruption will protect them and their networks from the same fate Frank Serpico inflicted on the New York City Police Department.image

However, among us, live courageous protectors of the public. They believe the oath “To Serve and Protect” means more than a slogan on a shield or the side of a patrol car. We will assist a number of brave representatives of law enforcement who stand for more than just that slogan. Some have live lives more closely akin to legend, at least as they will be seen by those who refuse to accept the status quo. We are not perfect, and we don’t expect the system to be perfect, but we do expect it to self correct.

The concept of “Internal Affairs” stands for more that protection of those in power. Policies and Procedures Manuals demand accountability. Today the thought of accountability appears to be the most lacking measure in the system. Citizens must demand accountability. The system just doesn’t seem to understand the concept.

If you work in this arena, or have factual evidence (not hearsay or second-hand gossip) we demand that you step up and help defend the system we celebrated on July 4th. Thank you to all the modern-day Serpicos we hope to celebrate. It may not be in our lifetime, but we believe future generations will look back, as we do today, and say, “they stood for what really counts!”