Mayor, It’s Still Not About a Dog Park

It's hard to explain...
It’s hard to explain…

Mayor Glover has been challenged by real and imagined issues during his term in office. His previous successes have been the result of rallying community support through creative tactics and utilizing the tools of his office, with his personal skills to face issues directly. His skills have been refined through years of service and work with great citizens.

Today, Cedric B. Glover has proven that his perception of facts and the community allied against him are truly in error. Rather than consider that he misread the facts present, Glover has chosen to deny truth with brute force and control he alone possesses, solely from his elected office. He has chosen to totally ignore key elements of law and those who stand on irrefutable facts.

In choosing his ground, Glover has cut off many former supporters, whose stand today may forever turn them against any future plans Glover may have. Glover’s total denial comes in the face of legal challenges where the court has already ruled against him and an almost united city council repeatedly demanded he step back on this single issue.

Not only have the city council found his leadership in error here, they now have demanded answers in other issues previously they had allowed Glover to have his way over a minority objection. Many new flaws appear apparent!

The role of the Shreveport mayor may forever be defined by today’s fateful determination. The city charter may have been framed properly to identify responsibilities of each branch of government. And, if so, we may find it clarified by words spoken today.

So, once again Mayor Glover, it’s not about a dog park.