Shreveport: Leadership is NOT About a Dog Park

Glover-You Bought this AGAIN
by Bob Forward

Mayor Glover once again tried to fool us by creating a discussion regarding moving the dog park to Princess Park. The very thought of this discussion demonstrates voodoo manipulation, like a witty kindergartener who is caught trying to hijack a class. Glover is committing structural damage to the City Charter, and, more broadly, local destruction to our rule of law.

This ceased being about dogs or parks or dog parks a long time ago. It’s about government permanently damaging a city in a way never seen before. This is a repeat offender setting precedents for future mayors to use and abuse.

Voodoo ManipulatorGlover, after being caught in court for failure to comply with the responsibilities of his office, was also called on the carpet by the city council for refusing to comply with uniform guidelines. The mayor just doesn’t like being forced to stay “On Task!” And just what exactly does being on task mean when we are dealing with Mayor Cedric Glover?

For starters, it means knowing what the mayor’s responsibilities are, and who is actually keeping track of the issues of city government. If we were dealing with kindergarteners we would have “Circle time” or “Line up” and talk about “Listening Skills.” But we have to play “Big Boy Games” that require attorneys, courts and City Council quorums. We are playing with people’s lives and real money. And those who are stealing our money are feeling squeezed right now.

RevengeFriday, June 21 was a very bad day for Shreveport, because required tasks were not completed and the topic of conversation in city government was lost in a “Fake, Shift, Evade” tactic. Glover managed beautifully to totally erase from the City Council agenda requirements of law and obligations of government officials. We saw elected officials march in step to the charade with irresponsible actions at Government Plaza. Glover led the parade, followed by all seeming accepting partners.

The agenda of the specially called City Council Executive Session called for 10:30 am was “… to discuss information relative to… Keith, Cynthia et al versus Glover, Cedric et al…” However, Glover et al managed to evade the central issue of the agenda. Why was a Mandamus Order allowed to remain unanswered after the Shreveport City Council forcefully demanded the mayor to comply?That was the ONLY item on the agenda.

There can be no doubt that Mayor Glover has utilized his well-honed speaking, dancing and acting talent to evade the focus of the repeated improper conduct he has demonstrated as duly elected mayor of Shreveport. Magically he brought up a totally new approach to the topic of a dog park. Magically he demands the conversation move away from the court’s light which clearly caught him breaking the spirit and letter of the law he swore to uphold. He just danced away.

There is NO public forum, NO court of law, NO city council, NO church or NO public body he should be allowed to attend without answering for the wrongs he has repeatedly committed to the citizens of Shreveport. Until the mayor’s conduct displayed to this point reaches the court established “Deadline” allowed of July 8th, the public must demand that no more evasive conduct or discussion away from these central issues be tolerated.Fool me three times Shreveport

Louisiana Malfeasance in Office statute (RS 14:134) is:  “Malfeasance in office is committed when any public officer or public employee shall:  (1) Intentionally refuse or fail to perform any duty lawfully required of him, as such officer or employee;”  I do not understand how the mayor is NOT prosecutable under this statute.

amended June 24, 8:27am CDT