Dog Park: In the Hands of the Court


Shreveport, Louisiana – The deadlines for the Mayor to provide evidence of complying with the Judge’s order (June 21) and the court date for a contempt hearing, if he doesn’t comply (June 26), have been postponed by the District Court until July 8, 2013, or unless and until the Second Circuit Court of Appeal stays execution of the lower court’s judgment.

Mayor Glover has filed paperwork with the District Court as prerequisites to formal filings with the Second Circuit. (Mayor’s Court Pleadings)

We are comfortable with the well-thought-out decision of the Court and fully intend to stand behind the City Council’s unanimous decision overturning Mayor Glover’s veto of Resolution 133 of 2012 and the clear language of the City Charter, which establishes the City Council as the governing authority of the City of Shreveport and which establishes the duty of the Mayor to enforce resolutions and ordinances passed by the Council.

Daniel R. Keele
Attorney for Cynthia Keith and the
Shreveport Dog Park Alliance

Exhibits on note:Stop_the_bully
Mayor’s Press Release on Court Ruling
Mayor’s Outside Counsel Expenses Prior to June 1 Trial Date
Original Attempt of Mayor to Defer Court Date
City Council Resolution 68 Regarding Dog Park (Overruled of Mayor’s Veto)
Glover Appeal from Litigation by Dog Park Alliance-No Cause of Action
Glover Response to Writ of Mandamus
Links may be added as additional documents become available in the clerk’s office.