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Diamond Charlie CaldwellShreveport, LA– Shreveport City Marshal, Charlie (“Diamond Charlie”) Caldwell arrogantly rejects questions or concerns the media have made concerning extravagant expenses associated with travels, education or accounting for funds since he was elected to office. KTBS Gerry May questioned the expense report of the recent trip of six deputies plus Caldwell to Destin, Florida at a cost in excess of $30,786(see expense reports), not including transportation in multiple City Marshal vehicles. The net cost for five days of training for each member of the office is $4,398 based on this information alone. And this is “classroom training alone,” which does not include firearms range training, field exercises, but it may include beach training, swimming and cocktail mixing, all on the agenda for the week. (see attached)

-This is NOT a picture of Charles Caldwell, it is only a symbolic image.
No, this is NOT Diamond Charlie!

This month’s trip to Destin is the latest in a series of trips that Caldwell has taken, along with his deputies. Such expenses had already added up to more than $100,000 since Caldwell first took office in 2009. additionally Caldwell signed up for classes in Boston, at office expense, that were never completed. No information on reimbursing the department for these classes is on file. A Public Records Request has been submitted for this information, but it is unanswered at this time.

The record indicates that Diamond Charlie and his six deputies required 3-bedroom and 2-bedroom beach-front condominiums for the week, but the public records answer refused to give names of guests or amounts of reimbursements paid to the office for monies allowed as “per diems” ranging from $600 to $950 per person.

Although the schedule noted classes available, Caldwell chose not to answer which, if any, of the classes were attended by any member of his department. In fact he personally answered the question: “No records.”(see selection response in “Denial of ANY Records below”) Records are the essence of public administration and particularly his office.

The lavish life-style of Caldwell has also been attached to his love of fast cars, also recorded at speeds in excess of 110MPH. Noted in public traffic stop records of Caldwell in 2012. However, in fairness, it was only 41 MPH over the posted speed limit of 70 MPH. KTBS, KSLA,Shreveport Times

Denial of ANY Records
Denial of ANY Records

Caldwell’s denial of the facts is based on his claims that education or training for his staff is all that these programs is about. Most of the classes taken (see schedule) are available through other, less costly programs. And the certifications or qualifications gained were never answered in the public records request to Caldwell’s office. (See response)

Several of the speakers and classes should be noted in this agenda that the Marshal provided in his answer to the public records request. (Exhibit) “Diamond Charlie” would have benefited from some of these classes!

It appears the easy life of an elected official will probably change between now and the 2014 election. However, the public will not forget the faults of Caldwell when the entering the voting booth.

Secret_Life-2It is accurate that “Diamond Charlie” is only a name given in this blog. It clearly identifies the lifestyle that Charlie Caldwell has branded the City Marshal’s office through of his callous treatment of the office, office records and the appearance of an extravagant life style. The Appearance of the elected official is more important than his private life in this case. Should we question Caldwell’s private life, we certainly would go into far more detail, laying out our case in a far more detailed exhibit.
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