Jindal’s Trained Seals


by CB Forgotston

Member of LSU BOS doing their thing
Member of LSU BOS doing their thing

“The large majority of our distinguished Senators and Representatives have about as much independence as trained seals. When their trainer barks, they jump.”
Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long

Of late, even the Louisiana leges have at least attempted to be a bit more independent.  Unfortunately, there is an important group of political appointees who have become well-trained seals for Bobby Jindal — the LSU Board of Supervisors.

In his column in today’s Times Picayune, LSU Professor (yes, a current LSU professor) Bob Mann explains how the LSU BOS (his bosses) doesn’t even pretend to be looking out for LSU or Louisiana’s best interest. Column here.Bob Mann

Almost all of the previous, blindly-approved, Jindal edicts by the LSU BOS might be explained as mere ignorance or lack of critical thinking; their latest cannot be.

Board of Supervisor displays "deep thought process"
BOS member displays “deep thought process”


Regardless of their occupations (one is even a lawyer), none of the current members of LSU BOS would have signed a contract that obligated them to do anything that contained numerous blank pages and lacked details such as the cost, they actually did.

Every member of the LSU BOS should be embarrassed.  However, to become embarrassed one must possess a conscience.  Apparently, the members of the LSU BOS, except the student member, traded their souls to Bobby Jindal for prestige and priority seating for the LSU athletic events.

These are sad days for my Alma Mater and for Louisiana.  I’m embarrassed even if the members of the LSU BOS aren’t.

To see who is on the LSU BOS or to contact them go here.

Kudos to Bob Mann for having the courage (could easily be fired by LSU BOS) to tell the truth.