Jindal Nursery Rhyme Factory

But, Governor, we're tired of being the hog.
But, Governor, we’re tired of being the hog.

The results of the recently ended session of the legislature can best be described as frustrating. The daily manipulations of people, facts, money and special interests to please “special constituent’s interests” can best be related to an agonizing trip to a poorly written and poorly performed elementary production (my apologies to elementary productions).

Frustration with the HuntThe results are always seen on a ledger sheet as wins and losses for various parties who “have a dog in the hunt.” The saddest commentary is that the taxpayers seem to be the hog on the way to market. Preparation for the legislature by most parties to the session was marked by meetings with the various stake-holders (steak holders) and centered around proposed legislation and how the paid professionals were going to push the fat (steak) around on the floor of the capitol in order to get the results desired.

The results can best be measured today in bills passed, tabled or line items in HB1 that may or may not fund programs required to play another day in the game of Louisiana politics.

We are quite disappointed (disgusted) with the manner/conduct that brought us the results we see today. The end of the day will be when the governor signs or vetoes the various items on his desk. The public will pick up the pieces (or crumbs) and hope to survive for the next election.