Dog Part Saga of Appeal – Article 2164


lawsuitArt. 2164. Scope of appeal and action to be taken; costs

The appellate court shall render any judgment which is just, legal, and proper upon the record on appeal. The court may award damages, including attorney fees, for frivolous appeal or application for writs, and may tax the costs of the lower or appellate court, or any part thereof, against any party to the suit, as in its judgment may be considered equitable.

We are not pretending to really know, much less be capable of interpreting how an appellate court would rule on the Glover Dog Park case, however, we do know what the law states and how to ask “real” attorneys what they were taught and what they believe the interpretation of the law might be.

"learned counsels to the mayor..."
“learned counsels to the mayor…”

The public may be stuck with a legal bill even larger than the current bill, which is actually only partially available at this time. To date, the law firm of Ronald Lattier and Associates has only provided the billing for March and April to the citizens for this one case alone (Thru April BILL HERE). The cost in March and April, before the actual court date of May, totaled “only” $7,464. We believe the eventual cost may exceed $25,000 in this hearing alone.

And, if the case is appealed, we believe legal fees for the mayor (substitute ‘taxpayer’ here) could be an additional $25,000. Now, based upon Article 2164, the city could also pick up the cost of attorney fees, damages, as well as the lower court costs for the Dog Park. All this after the Shreveport City Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve the dog park, against the mayor’s veto.

Frustrated taxpayers & city councilmen…