Mayor Swallows Camel, Chokes on Flea


Tax Dollars Develop Quality of Life in Cities

Shreveport Ground Breaking Fire Stationby Marion Marks

Tax dollars can and do make a difference in the quality of life in our cities. Citizens rightfully complain when they see these dollars squandered. We know money is tight and elected officials must closely monitor how taxpayer money is spent, but the proverbial “swallow the camel and choke on the flea” mentality seems to be the status quo in Mayor Glover’s office.

Today gridlock exists because the mayor cannot get his way with the Shreveport Dog Park, all while city resources are dispensed freely to other favorite projects. This one drains dollars, but ONLY to pay for the mayor’s arrogant legal shenanigans.

They also serve who only...
Sorry Mayor, We’re cheering for the dogs!

The NEA gave Shreveport a $100,000 seed grant for Shreveport Commons and the development of the new home for SRAC, and Shreveport added essentially millions in public funding to partner to make this a reality. We applaud this cooperative program. This project demonstrates a vision driven team effort.

Ha! Ha! I thumb my nose at you!
Ha! Ha! I thumb my nose at you!

Yet when the Red River Waterway Commission gives 100% of the expense required to build a dog park, which became extravagant only when the mayor demanded a wrought-iron fence rather than the standard chain-link used at similar parks. The mayor threw real and artificial road blocks, because it’s not his top priority, and the maintenance of the park is only his problem, NOT an obstacle. The city council unanimously voted to proceed, a state judge ruled the mayor was in the wrong when he thumbed his nose at the override of HIS veto, Despite a court order to respect our system of government, the mayor insists he will never sign to accept this funding from the Red River Waterway Commission. This means the mayor insists on throwing away public funds to protect his kingdom from being subject to the rule of law. Oh, what a foolish, foolish mayor we have!

Don't Choke!
Don’t Choke!

Glover is again swallowing the camel. Come on Shreveport, demand accountability from the mayor!