LA GOP Seeing “Black Helicopters”

by CB Forgotston
Black Helicopter sighted over LA GOP HQ
Black Helicopter sighted over LA GOP HQ

Yesterday afternoon, the Louisiana State Republican Party sent out a missive that is was being targeted for retribution by the Lege Auditor. ( See message here.)

According to the LA GOP’s paranoid message, the evil-doers in Louisiana were out to get it for killing some $1.3 Billion tax increase.

Today, we learn that  if anyone is targeting the LA GOP, it is one of their own.   See  story here.

Comparison ridiculous

Before the culprit was revealed to be a Republican; it seemed rather obvious that the LA GOP was being paranoid when it compared itself to the IRS targeting the TEA Parties.

Louisiana has a Republican governor and both houses of the lege have a majority Republican membership.

Considering the Lege Auditor works for the LA Lege, it makes no sense that he would capriciously target the LA GOP.  Additionally, the Auditor was merely asking for documents that are required by law of all political parties.

Who let the dogs out?

Even more ridiculous was the LA GOP’s claim that someone blew the whistle on them because it killed some $1.3 Billion tax increase.  What $1.3 Billion tax?

Perhaps the LA GOP was referring to Bobby Jindal’s massive business tax increase which the party supported, not opposed.  If they were referring to the “Fiscal Hawks”/Democrats proposal it was no where near $1.3 Billion.

The LA GOP only played some small part in the killing of the tax; LABI and other business groups were primarily responsible for the tax plan being dropped.

One might conclude that the LA GOP has a higher opinion of its efforts than is deserved since it rarely opposes tax increases in Louisiana, much less those proposed this session.

Then the LA GOP paranoia begs the question of exactly what evil-doers were retaliating for them killing a tax?  The “Fiscal Hawks” that is composed mostly of Republican leges?

Black helicopters

The LA GOP’s reason for not having complied with the law is that it never had before.

Failure to comply with an existing law is hardly the same as being targeted by “Big Brother.” The LA GOP is simply a lawbreaker that is trying to divert attention from itself by pointing out “black helicopters.”