Jindal borrows another play from Obama


by CB Forgotston

Portrait of a RINO
Portrait of a RINO

Bobby Jindal’s hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. Most of the things for which he criticizes President Obama and the Democrats for doing on the national level, are initiated by Jindal in Louisiana.

The latest example of how he and the President govern alike is Jindal’s plan to bust the state’s “debt ceiling.”

Jindal is supporting Senate Bill No. 204 which allows the state to extend its debt level by another $250 Million above the maximum allowed by law.

Higher Ed and Healthcare affected

Jindal wants to put future generations of Louisianans deeper into debt. Additionally, his plan will increase the amount of annual debt service.  That requires more recurring revenues.LouisianaTaxpayerBank

More debt service means that there will even be even fewer dollars in the State Operating Budget for Higher Education and Healthcare.

Buying votes

BobbyBuysVotesIncurring debt and busting the “ceiling” on state debt both require a 2/3’s vote of the lege.

In order to get the requisite 2/3’s, for his fiscally-irresponsible effort, Jindal must get Republican leges to also follow the Obama playbook.

To get the needed Republican votes Jindal resorted to a method perfected by former Governor Edwin Edwards – buying votes.

If one looks through the legislation one will see projects for various leges throughout the state. That’s how Jindal buys votes.

The bill has already passed the Senate and is pending action on the House Floor.

The primary difference between Jindal and President Obama is that the President is taller.