Judge to Determine Mayor’s Responsibilities

Unhappy patrons...
Unhappy patrons…

Today at 9AM in Judge Leon Emanuel’s Courtroom in the Caddo Parish Courthouse, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover’s exact responsibility in the Shreveport Dog Park drama may be determined.The responses we received later Monday night from the mayor’s attorney, Ron Lattier, demonstrates the mayor’s contempt for the city council, the dog park supporters and particularly the citizens of Shreveport.

His particular exception for being required to sign and accept the donated funds for the dog park in paragraph 11 state:
“…appearer specifically asserts as an affirmative defense that the authority to sign and enforce contracts in non ministerial (note: our interpretation is he believes this is “not the responsibility of the mayor!”) and within the sole discretion of appearer (as Mayor of the CITY OF SHREVEPORT}, Further, MAYOR GLOVER, asserts an affirmative defense that as the duly elected officer of the people, it is his duty to enforce the laws and to have great discretion in defending how to carry out the essential functions of his office anfd cannot be compelled by mandamus to sign a cooperative endeavor agreement pursuant to a resolution, which is the mere opinion of a particular body.”

If all this is the case, and the entire response can be downloaded here (Glover Response) and (Glover Exceptions), the mayor’s office may have literally “gone to the dogs.” We take great exception here, and will be watching closely the 9:00 court hearing. Humpty_Glumpty[Falls]

The mayor has stated categorically that he “cannot be forced to put his signature” on any document to transfer the monies to build the dog park. In short, the mayor has positioned himself on the wall. Now it’s up to the court system to determine how he maneuvers himself from the wall. He has numerous “unhappy patrons” who previously backed him in his election and in other political battles. His ability to keep loyal supporters is certainly in doubt!

This may only be another episode of the continuing drama. The sad commentary is that public monies and energy are being squandered in this seemingly foolish battle over what should be evident to all parties. If the City Council backs their words with actions, the mayor will be paying for his foolish actions out of his own pocket. This is seldom the case for the mayor to pay for anything he doesn’t want to.