Jindal Sunshine Laws…


The Failure of Transparency!

It's as clear as mud!
I can see clearly what’s happening…

Growing up we heard a lot of “Old Wives Tales…” (No gender reflection intended, this is merely a antidote from childhood). At least that was what we were told as children. One of the ones that really stuck was that “Clear as Mud ”  It was such an impressive tale, that it remained in our databank for all these years, so others must have had some of the same experiences as children.

The idea that a story being told enough makes an impression, there must have been a grain of truth or something to impress the Governor greatly during his childhood, because today the repetitive stories we hear from the administration have the ring of fanciful truth. This is giving credit to stories we know to be fiction.

The failure of the Executive branch to reveal facts legislators and citizens need to understand the actions of the governor parallel the obfuscation of information the Obama administration is accused of in Guantanamo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Boston and elsewhere. If the Governor cannot be more forthcoming in truth, how can we demand ethical behavior by others? The sun just is NOT shining in Louisiana today for the Governor’s records.