Louisiana Transparency – Smoke and Mirrors


by CB Forgotston

Cloak of SecrecyThis morning as I was checking the lege website, it dawned on me how fortunate we are in Louisiana to have such transparency in the Legislative Branch of state government.

There is not a better, more user-friendly, governmental website in Louisiana and probably not in the nation.  It does everything, but ring one’s phone to announce a bill one is tracking is being debated.  They will probably add that soon.

If you haven’t used it yet, check it out here. You will get your money’s worth for your tax dollars spent on it.

Contrast with Executive

The lege site should be an embarrassment to the Jindal Administration which has gone backwards in the last 5 years in terms of transparency on every website in the Executive Branch. On many of their websites one cannot even determine the names of the top bureaucrats (LA Dept of Revenue) much less the names and contact information of the “worker bees.” Email addresses are virtually non-existent on the sites in the digital age.

Kudos to the lege staff who created and maintain the lege site.

Thanks to the LA leges who authorize such transparency.