House leader opposed Jindal’s tax plan!


by CB Forgotston

In question, Walk Leger
In question, Walt Leger

Via Twitter, Democrat House Speaker Pro Tem Walt Leger (and second most powerful member of the House) just Tweeted:  ” it is # irresponsible to repeal income tax w/o new revenue”

Not only is he correct from a fiscal standpoint, but he is courageous.   Bobby Jindal will probably remove him as Speaker Pro Tem.   That said, power is meaningless if one must sell their soul to get it.

Phasing out the personal income tax without telling us what taxes will be raised to replace the revenues is not only irresponsible, but cowardly and deceitful.  Head-Chop

With all the Band-aids Bobby Jindal has put on the state budget for the last 5 years, tax increases are inevitable if not this session, in the very near future.  Phasing-out the Personal Income Tax will only exacerbate the problem and hasten the day when taxes will be raised.

Raising $3 Billion in new taxes without putting the bulk of them on businesses is politically impossible and contrary to Louisiana history.

Thank You, Walt!  Bravo!