Jane Smith is Clueless


by CB Forgotston

A Blonde Joke?
A Blonde Joke?

Despite state law requiring there to be a Louisiana Secretary of Revenue, there is none.

Yesterday, I  asked Tim Barfield,  LDR’s chief lawyer, who was exercising the functions of the Secretary.

Barfield wrote: “As the Deputy Secretary, Jane Smith has the responsibilities and authority of the secretary if the office of secretary is vacant.  Deputy Smith has delegated her authority to sign official documents for certain matters to others.”

Barfield could not provide the names and contact information for those persons who had been delegated the authority.

Then I asked the media flack for Revenue, Doug Baker, to provide the list.  He couldn’t.

Finally, I asked Jane Smith for the names.   She just confirmed that she doesn’t know.

Jane’s incompetence should be no surprise.  When she was appointed as Deputy Secretary she said:

“I told [ the Jindal Administration I didn’t know a thing about revenue, or taxation, or nothing like that but they said not to worry about that, to come on by and discuss it anyway,” [Smith] bubbled. LA Voice, June 18, 2012

Even worse, Jane used to be the Superintendent of the Bossier Parish Schools and she obviously doesn’t know “nothing like” grammar either.

This is NOT a blonde joke; you can’t make stuff up like this.