HB 447 Filed – Jindal Loophole Plugging!


by CB Forgotston

What's Rotten in Capital?
What’s Rotten in Capital?

As promised earlier today;  Rep. John Bel Edwards’ legislation to close any “loopholes” in the law allowing state employees  from out-of-state to escape registering their vehicles and paying their taxes in Louisiana is HB 447.

Remember, the Jindal Administration is opposed to this legislation.  It is Jindal’s hires who are the biggest violators.

Please help spread the word and please tell (don’t ask) your leges to vote FOR HB 447.   Not only does Louisiana need the revenues, but because it is the law.

A few weeks ago, Tom Aswell, publisher of  Louisiana Voice exposed the fact that the Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff for the LA Department of Education were driving their personal vehicles in Louisiana with out-of-state license plates in violation of state law.   They have been employed by the taxpayers of Louisiana for going on 2 years.

Today, I am pleased to report  that thanks to the personal intervention by LA State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson, the staffers have  registered their vehicles in Louisiana and  paid the Use Taxes.

Too much rot...
Too much rot…

Meanwhile, yesterday, Rep. John Bel Edwards filed legislation for the 2013 session to tighten the language of the law so that these out-of-state hires that are taking jobs from law-abiding, Louisiana citizens have to comply with the Motor Vehicle Registration Law.

Opposition to Edwards legislation is expected from the Jindal Administration. Please encourage your leges to support the legislation. As soon as it has been assigned a bill number, I will pass that on.

Kudos to Aswell, Edwards and Edmonson for stepping up.

I thought he said...
I thought he said…

This shows that individual citizens can make a difference.

Keep sending those out-of-state plates spotted on state employees vehicles to either the State Police or me.