Appropriations Committee Man-Up!!!


by CB Forgotston

Berthelot has a short memory
Berthelot has a short memory

It takes unmitigated gall to complain about a problem that one created. Yet, that is precisely what happened at Tuesday’s House Appropriations Committee meeting.

Lawmakers were also irked when the administration told them there was no one from the Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs at the meeting. Times Picayune, March 13, 2013.

Last year at this same time, the same lege committee requested a person in the audience to come forward to address a matter in the budget regarding the Elderly Affairs office.

Martha Manuel, then head of the office, came to the witness table as requested and testified candidly. Before Manuel left the Capitol she was getting phone calls from Bobby Jindal’s office firing her for her testimony.

Not a single member of the committee, including Rep. Johnny Berthelot who asked Manuel to testify ( See commentary here), spoke up in her defense.

At the time, it was predicted that the failure of the leges to protect state employees would have a chilling effect on candid testimony before the committee in the future (See commentary here).

Instead of being “irked” about a problem that they created it’s time for the committee members to man-up to make it safe for state employees to appear before the committee.

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