Did He Really Write That?


The Washington play book...

By C..B. Forgotston

A member of the Crack Mullet Research Team was busy putting in some overtime this morning when he received an email from Bobby Jindal.

moneywheelbarrowAmong other things in Bobby’s message to his “friends” was this startling statement: “The folks in Washington could take a page out of our playbook in Louisiana and make government live within its means instead of taking money out of the private sector economy to grow government.”

In other words, Bobby is suggesting that the people at the U.S. Capitol emulate, fiscally, what he has done at the Louisiana Capitol.
Here’s what Jindal has done in Louisiana:

— The per capita state debt has reached an all-time record.
— The state is within striking distance of the constitutional “cap” on total debt.
— The current state budget has a $278 Million hole in it because Jindal budgeted funds that never materialized.
— The proposed budget for FY14 has a $1.2 Billion shortfall and is balanced using one-time and fictitious revenues.
— The Unfunded liability is the state pension systems has grown by over $6 Billion.

Unfortunately, it appears that the “folks in Washington” have already borrowed Louisiana’s playbook.

The primary difference between Louisiana and D.C. is that they print money; we imagine it.

Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up. Bobby actually wrote the above quoted statement.