The Political Back Story on Swamp Seeds


swamp_seeds_packageBig news for LSU Baseball fans is that Swamp Seeds will be available at The Box as a new taste for the old favorite of baseball, sunflower seeds. The crawfish boil flavored sunflower seeds will be “bringing the heat!” and, may be taking the world by storm, with the spicy standard in baseball. The Seeds might just tell a story related to the Jindal take on Louisiana citizens.boiled_frog_taxpayers2

Taxpayers of Louisiana may look to be in the boil soon, along with legislators who don’t sing the Jindal anthem. And,, when it comes to solving the shortfall in the 2013-2014 budget the tune may be very off key. The tune today looks something like a dredging operation on the bottom of a broken barrel, as Jindal forces are scraping any possible source to find revenue not locked down by constitutional limitations. Even some monies that legislators, taxpayers and others thought dedicated (the BP Coastal Settlement,) may soon be victim of the governor money-dredge.

The vengeance factor of the Jindal team know no limits when it comes to leaving bodies of those who refuse to drink the Jindal KoolAid. Legislators who questioned even trial balloons floated by the governor have been stripped of committee positions, and those who will drink the governor’s potion are rewarded with positions, programs and tokens by the governor’s team. It doesn’t pay to tell the governor ‘No’ even once!

Taxpayer_ShakedownSo citizens the Swamp Seeds may be an omen of the spicy pills that legislators as well as taxpayers may swallow as the legislative session cranks up. Whatever opening day brings may be a far cry from what the public thinks today of expects in new taxes and cuts to existing programs. The “Plan” the governor brings in his opening address probably is incubating in the bowels Huey and Earl wouldn’t touch.