The Message of Anger & Hate


(Still awaiting inside story on financials…)
rubio_water    Inauguration speech, State of the Union speech, two responses to the State of the Union speech, and political rhetoric is in overdrive as we approach the March 1 “Day of Doom.”

Political dialogue in social media is composed of venomous diatribes, angry epithets and continuously vented frustration. Outbursts feed outbursts as subgroups escalate the tempo and tenor their of deeming frenetic photos and drawing depicting more hateful messages.Communist_with_a_soft_spot_for_Islam

Symbols found on the internet formerly would warrant hate-crime status and the photo manipulation is reminiscent of what Americans would call foreign subversive symbols.

People are hurting and lashing out at any message that is not in complete compliance with their current subgroup. Often the rhyme and reason of each cell of anger has some unique voice.

The medical community has differing claims then the educators and families with children see needs that are not consistent with seniors or even those approaching retirement. No group is immune from anger and hurt and certainly the economy has few groups who can claim success in the current climate. The fabric of America is more than a little frayed around the edges!FAKE-liberal-hate-speech

The president has been very consistent in his message and the American economy has been steadily improving over the past two years. The climate in Europe appears to be looking west as their attempts to revive the Euro and boost employment have staggered in recent months.

Without some pivotal economic event, Sequestration may be the hinge on which the US economy sways the remainder of the western world. China and Asia have remained somewhat consistent in their growth, although slowed. Japan continues to reel from many internal problems.

The consistent internal message is the drumbeat of hate in social media and the undercurrent of anger from the middle and formerly more-well-off citizens who feel cheated by the change over which they feel powerless.

marco-rubio-timeWe see no one really offering answers; we observe consistent lashing out by leaders as well as followers who feel powerless to effect their status within either their local or larger community. Most of the messages support the ground swell of a dispossessed entity, regardless of economic status, or region. Much of America has a parallel message to the 1976 film, Network. All that is needed for those who feel out of control is to find leadership. Right now, other than the President, no other branch of government is coming forward with real solutions and making a difference. If you don’t believe this, look at the polls and see who has the confidence of the general public.