When the System Fails


 Failures in the legislative, executive or judicial system, national or state level, take all the oxygen out of the media for one or more news cycles. Louisiana is sucking the oxygen out of the room today, as another condemned prisoner awaits his execution.

Sucking oxygen out...
Sucking oxygen out…

The Board of Pardons and Governor Jindal will bear responsibility for the proper conduct of executions and all steps leading to the most severe punishment the state allows if Chris Sepulvado is not afforded all his constitutional rights.

Nationally, the hot issue is Today’s congressional hearings of the drone program’s chief architect, John O. Brennan. The White House counter-terrorism adviser, faces a Senate confirmation hearing as President Obama’s nominee for C.I.A. director. The rare glimpse into the acceptability of issuing “Kill Orders” for anyone suspected of being affiliated with a terrorist labeled organization or those in their presence may be toxic to all in the discussion.Drone-fires-missles

In Louisiana other hot issue (Review) is the bill submitted before the state legislature by Representative Richard and Senator Gallot, that has current support from the Governor’s office, will require more “transparency” from the governor similar to the required openness of others involved in Louisiana’s government and the use of state tax money and the trail related to the transactions. Amazingly, the “Transparency Candidate” finally in his second term realizes the error of his past ways. It may be the need to take the Jindal game to a new level, or the continued rattling of the loyal opposition, but the Governor may have been forced to compromise on the side of truth or justice within his own administration (at least on some issues!)


The Louisiana Voice section “Graft, Lies & Politics, A Monument to Corruption,” article – Emerging claims, lawsuits could transform Murphy Painter from predator to all-too-familiar victim of Jindal reprisals reveals the unflattering underbelly of the governor’s office that seethes with venom for those who won’t “get along.” Sometimes the seat becomes nuclear.

However, governing from the top requires the governor to be under constant scrutiny, and the apparent approval of the governor and the Louisiana Board of Pardons decision to deny clemency to a capital defendant without even a hearing is another failure to recognize the responsibility of the executive to give even the damned his legal rights. The Pardons Board declared that the condemned prisoner, Chris Sepulvado, had his petition for clemency denied; his hearing request was also denied.

“slippery slope…”

It’s one thing for the governor to take a moral stand on “law and order” when he’s running for office, and a commitment to personal responsibility in all areas of government. However, when he “jukes and jives” with the rights of the governor being at a different level than other citizens, he must be held accountable. Governor, take the politics out of death-row decisions and allow even the condemned a full measure of justice. It’s a slippery slope when you aspire to higher office!