Is Tim Barfield clairvoyant?


By C.B. Forgotston

20130129-202542.jpgToday it is reported that Tim Barfield, the Executive Counsel for the LA Department of Revenue and Bobby Jindal’s point man on his proposed tax swap said the plan would have “very few losers.” It is assumed that he means few people will pay higher taxes. ( See report here.)

That begs the question of how does Barfield know?

Last week, Barfield said: “We do not have a final plan and the governor and I are still meeting with legislators and stakeholders.” The Advocate, January 25, 2013

I’m a “stakeholder” and they haven’t called me for any meeting. Who are the stakeholders with which they are meeting?

But I digress.

Either the Jindal Administration has a plan and is keeping it a secret or Barfield, in addition to all of his other attributes, is clairvoyant.

Once there is a plan, it will be impossible to know how it impacts us “stakeholders” without a taxpayer-by-taxpayer analysis.