Levees in Need of Remediation due to Imminent Failure Potential


Faulty-Levee_ImageLast summer the Associated Press reported that the Army Corps of Engineers had identified over 50 locations nationwide where levees needed remediation.
 But the Corps wouldn’t say where they are located. This appeared to be more that a curios press release. Are there problems within the Corps of Engineers that are reflected in dysfunctional behavior such that news is no longer news or facts are only going to be partially released to the public? 

The AP filed a request for the 50+ locations. But the Corps denied the request saying its revelation “could heighten risks of terrorism and sabotage.” 
If this were the case, why release the titillating initial report? 
It’s more than a preposterous revelation. It appears that the Corps is trying, yet again, to protect its reputation after the spectacular failure of its levee system in New Orleans.

We Can’t let the Corps get away with it. 

If you haven’t yet, please sign the petition demanding that the Corps reveal the locations of 50+ (and we have reason to think there’s 80+) defective floodwalls nationwide.

You can sign anonymously if you want. 

 Please act by Midnight Jan 31, 2013. On Friday, Feb 1, the signatures will be printed and sent to Washington DC.

Thank you for your support of Levees.org
With your help, Americans will win the battle to improve security along our waterways. This message is similar to the message released by

Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.org

This is a privately funded organization with NO corporate money being accepted.

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