Public Corruption STILL Exists in Louisiana

by CB Forgotston
by CB Forgotston


When you read the subject line you probably wondered why state the obvious. (Bob’s thought: Duh??)

The reason is because, apparently, it is not obvious to some very important people in Louisiana. Those people are the ones who are directly responsible for investigating and prosecuting public corruption.

In the post-Jim Letten (Former U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Louisiana) era it is even more important for those folks to wake-up and start doing their job.

"Ain't dere no mo..."
“Ain’t dere no mo…”

Our local and state law enforcement officials and prosecutors have a weapon to fight public corruption that is not even available to the Feds. It is found in LA R.S. 14:134.

Wednesday, friend and fellow pundit, Elliott Stonecipher and I had a no-holds barred discussion of public corruption with talk show host Eric Asher.  We discussed why the problem exists and how it can be stopped.

If you are concerned about public corruption in Louisiana and what you can do about it, you should listen to the discussion. Listen to discussion here. (Go to “Inside New Orleans Jan 23” and press the play button.)

Reducing or eliminating public corruption in Louisiana starts with you and me.


All the King's horses and all the King's men...
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men…