Jindal’s Tax Strategy Unfolds

by CB Forgotston

Jindal-What Me Worry2As more information leaks out about Bobby Jindal’s proposed tax swap his strategy is becoming clearer.

Jindal will strongly push for the repeal of the income taxes.  However, he is going to leave the job of replacing the revenues ($3 Billion) on a “revenue-neutral” basis to the leges.

In other words, Jindal is leaving the heavy lifting to the leges.

It only takes a majority vote of both houses of the lege to repeal a tax, but it takes a two-thirds vote of both houses to pass a tax, a tax increase or to repeal a tax exemption.

Jindal’s strategy is a no-lose situation for him and it is a no-win for the leges.  The leges will be blamed by the taxpayers of Louisiana for all the tax increases and Jindal will take credit (with the national media) for repealing the income taxes.

Deja vu

In 2008 Jindal opposed rolling back the “Stelly Tax,” but once it passed he signed it and took all the credit for the “largest tax reduction in the history of Louisiana” as he roamed the country pursuing his national political ambitions.

Now, you know Jindal’s strategy.