Destroying the Foundations of Democracy


More whining and crying and making excuses why the lost election and how the State and country are doomed, nothing changes. Jindal, Obama and their supporters destroying our state and country is a continuing drum beat. Now Jindal is prepared to anoint Stephen Moret as head of the LSU System, the world is turning upside down.image

It is the same thing we heard after the 2000 election from the Democrats. The Supreme Court gave George W. Bush his election and Barack Obama won his by promising free stuff. Bobby Jindal Isn’t the first politician who ever promised something to his voters or gave something to his biggest donors. Halliburton got lucky and ended up with a no-bid contract to furnish all materials in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jindal’s cronies get the spoils of the state, and the taxpayers get the bill and a plundered state.If Louisiana and the country are doomed, it will be because partisans have decided the best way to get our country on the right path is to take extremist views and when it doesn’t turn out like they want, start whining, crying and blaming everyone but themselves.

Jindal wants to turn the country over to the private sector and mostly his supporters. and why not? They sold the voters on a grand scheme. Great scheme! Remember Enron, Bernie Madoff, Stanford and the giant bank failures? The government cannot fix every problem that arises no matter how large or small it is. But, the theft of hard-fought gains in education, natural resources, trust funds and the State’s greatest resource, youth, being cast out in darkness is not a plan for success for anyone except there’s who are looting our State. The reason our state and country has succeeded was governments scaled back in times of shortage of resources. Corporations and individuals who are greedy or hurt workers or polluted waterways needlessly must pay for their errors and the harm they have brought to citizens.image

Leaders today have a suicidal approach to divisive issues. Destroying the system helps no one, and looting programs should be seen for the crime that it is. The administration is in the process of a contrived destruction of systems that support our most vulnerable citizens. It took two hundred years for Louisiana to develop many of the constructive social and economic programs that Jindal inherited as governor. And in less than five years he has cut a large part of those back to a shadow of where they were when he took office. He is worse than the son who buried his treasure in the ground, he is selling off or giving away Louisiana’s treasure.

Only by working together can citizens reclaim or birth rights as citizens. Only by demanding justice will Louisiana continue to provide a foundation that supports education and economic growth for all citizens. The destructive path Jindal is leading us along can only lead to a greater division in class and race. And, if we cannot find common ground to work together, he and his supporters will continue to destroy the Louisiana we knew.