Louisiana Citizen Lessons of 2012


bobby-jindal-ArtFriday, June 30, 2006, at 09:02 AM PDT was the first inkling of what future Governor Bobby Jindal really was motivated to accomplish. A simple political blog, the Daily KOS, properly pegged Jindal and his motivational spectrum of evil and chaos for the citizens of Louisiana. However, we failed to place Jindal and his cronies in perspective, and the state was enamored with governor Mike Foster’s fair-haired protege.

The Pit Viper!
The Pit Viper!

Today we are burdened with some of the vilest evils that sprang from the pit of vipers who have taken over the Louisiana Republican Party. With intimidation and retribution to any who dissent, Jindal’s minions are selling off, parsing favors and essentially striping the State of Louisiana of resources and assets to fill budget holes and unplanned expenses.

Louisiana "For Sale!"
Louisiana “For Sale!”

The issues of “striping” resources from the state is problematic, as selling state assets should require the consent of the legislature. But, with Jindal, the threats of retribution and officials he has had sacked for failure to work with the governor’s wishes has kept complaints to a minimum. And the educational programs that Jindal has eliminated or reduced to a shadow of their past will make improvements that much more difficult. We are digging Louisiana into a hole that it will take generations to bring us back.A “Wake-up Call” is only the beginning of what is needed.

take-no-prisonersThe Governor’s apparent mission is to “take no prisoners” in balancing the budget by selling off state resources and crippling the educational system. And while he’s finding ways to save money and provide assets to his cronies, the LSU Healthcare system, including the only profitable Shreveport facility, are being sold off at fire-sale prices. We can say the Governor is succeeding with flying colors!

We're all in the history books. But what role will we take?
Huey P. Jindal?

And, now with the “Gold-Standard” of transparency and the state ethics system, Louisiana is a laughing stock for third-world dictators. The Baton Rouge Advocate has nailed the facts. Louisiana has no “check” or “balance” of any actions the governor takes. Jindal makes Huey look like a rank amateur!