Public Discourse – KTBS Policies in Question


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OK, two outspoken KTBS personalities have been fired. The stories of what happened, he said, she said are all over the internet. The issue today is, what is the truth of KTBS policy and what does the public have to do with the KTBS license? Should the public care and should they be involved? Was there “Discrimination or was there a “Policy” that employees should have known and followed?

There’s never an “Excuse” if a company appears to discriminate against employees who actively express their citizenship rights. Perhaps the discrimination at KTBS was against “a thinking employee who expressed a personal, rather than a company ‘opinion.’”

Some companies just will not tolerate “personal opinions” that conceivably may harm the “corporate image.” This is clearly the case with KTBS. The conservative corporate philosophy persists in every expression of KTBS communication with the public. And, as a privately owned company, they feel this is their right to express the views of the station owners. It’s in their mission statement!

Here’s the rub! KTBS operates under a charter of the federal government, called the Federal Communications Commission. This charter allows for regular public input. Now, if the public, i.e. those who feel the policy is truly discriminatory, chose to “RAISE HELL,” you need to follow the FCC guidelines and publicly express you feelings.Free_Speech

Don’t just write social media posts, show that you understand the democratic process and write public complaints to KTBS and the FCC. I doubt that many letters will be written, because the general public is too apathetic to follow the path required. But there is a path, so quite your general gripes and go out there and follow the rules of a democracy to make a difference. Perhaps you will express your complaints directly to the station manager, George Sirven. Contact information to the FCC, KTBS and the manager are listed below.

It’s your constitutional right and obligation to speak out. It’s guaranteed in the constitution! Work within the laws of the country.