Budget Cuts – Midyear??

by C.B. Forgotston

budget ax According to Tom Aswell, state revenues are not growing as expected. (See report here.) Tom anticipates more budget cuts. The only question is where will they fall.

This is shocking news; just shocking. Who could have seen this coming?

It’s obvious that Tom is not on the list for press releases from Bobby Jindal and his ethically-challenged economic development guru (and soon to be president of LSU) Stephen Moret.  The two have been announcing economic development projects and hundreds of new jobs almost daily.  In fact, the only reason Bobby visits out state is to announce another project purchased by the taxpayers.

Worry for Louisiana economy
Worry for Louisiana economy

Obviously, our state’s economy is not as robust as we have been told by our elected and appointed officials.  Or perhaps state government is simply too large to be supported by the size of our economy.

The Revenue Estimating Conference (“REC”) meets today at 2:30 PM at the Capitol to accept a dose of reality.

Smoke, mirrors and press releases won’t change the facts.

Kudos to Tom for breaking the news to us early.  Too bad our public officials are not as transparent.